Does Gender Discrimination exist?

Tushar Chaudhary
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Women were always considered as an unprivileged part of society. Over the past, they have been discriminated in mostly everywhere. Till now many countries don’t allow women to drive, vote, or anything they can do independently. Women are often confined in their houses and are not allowed to be social. All of us living in cities that discrimination based on gender has ended and women can now walk along with men.

“No one discriminates in today’s world. We all are indistinguishable “

We all think like this, but I told you before that the ground reality is way different than you think. Whenever an outsider or an elder visits home in a village, women are not allowed to be present at the moment. Over generations, little girls are made realized that they are inferior to boys in all ways. Men with stereotypical minds often attempt domestic violence and assail women. We might not notice in our daily lives but sometimes it happens around us. As an example, many schools do not allow girls to play sports or join their sports team. We must agnize any type of inequality around us. Many times, women are forced by their parents for marriage at an early age. The minimum for a woman to get married is18 years but it must be extended to 21, so she can at least have a degree.

A Real Incident

Last month my family and I visited our native town which was our village. There was a religious place of worship that we visited there. The priest sitting there started giving us the knowledge of why we must read our holy books. In between, he said that girls need not work anywhere. They should stay at home, manage household chores, and read holy books and religious texts. That Guy was considered noteworthy in that area and a prominent priest of that village. Many people used to visit him and listen to him. I didn’t care about what he said but locals can get influenced by him.


It’s time to see stats and data about the practice of gender discrimination.

According to the ‘National Crime Records Bureau’ (NCRB) of India.

India recorded an average of 87 rape cases daily in 2019 and overall 4,05,867 cases of crime against women during the year. It’s a rise of 7% from 2018. INFO: Latest data released on September 29, 2020.

Now if you will check on the Internet about the stats, you will be surprised to know that India comparatively low crime rate than other countries that are much advanced than us. Well, 99% of the cases of crime against women are not reported. Kerela has the highest literacy rate among all the states but records an ample amount of rape cases in India. It is because people are educated there and report when something goes wrong, unlike other states that have a low literacy rate and people swither as to whether they should report or not.

Inequality against Men

All men are not the same, but now men are also in a great quandary. Recently reports say that women are misusing the laws against men in their personal issues. In 2014, the Delhi Commission of Women put out a report stating that 53.2% of rape cases filed between April 2013-July 2014 were false. Men are often beaten over false rape allegations on them without listening to them. This has made a false image of men in society. A film named ‘Section 375’ was released on this issue, where a man was sent to jail after a girl accused him of raping her. Remember, not every person can be judged from the same point of view.

Well, when it comes to gender inequality, it is obvious that the LGBTQ community.

Surveys say that the youth of India is misogynist as well as homophobic. Homosexuals are treated inequitably by the rest of society. They usually live separately and do not mix with society due to ill-mannered behavior by us. They are not allowed to take normal supplies of food and water. Many people who came up in surveys said that we won’t keep our children with us if they tell us that they are homosexual. Here are some of the difficulties that are faced by LGBTQs in their life.

  • They drop out of school earlier, as a result, they lack education
  • Children who announce their homosexuality are often neglected by their families.
  • They find it difficult to find regular jobs and have fewer options than others.
  • They are many times ignored by the people and get isolated in a specific area.
  • They are unable to access various services that are provided to the public.
  • They lack financial and social support.
  • They are often forced to marry the person of the opposite sex.

Many of them are unable to face all these hardships and ultimately attempt suicide.

“Besides formal education, children must be taught all the moral ethics that are required for a better society”



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