How Indian celebrities are worshiped in India!

Bollywood had undergone a big controversy recently, and many eminent personalities were summoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau Of India. Actors are just entertainers but for some people, they are no less than gods. Two big megastars, Amitabh Bachchan, and Rajnikanth.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan
Mr. Rajnikanth

There is no doubt that these larger than life men have struggled a lot to reach where they are and we all should get inspiration from them but that doesn’t mean we start worshiping them. They worked hard for themselves not for us.

People have constructed temples on their names. In western countries, actors are referred to as entertainers or as an inspiration. This fame and respect made these celebrities extremely powerful moneywise as well as in politics, that some of them have misused it often. Many veteran actors have joined politics and they were given tickets for different constituencies, despite having no political experience in the past. These candidates must no be voted.

The Cobrapost’s sting operation stung 36 celebrities in ‘Operation Karaoke’ in which they were asked by the undercover reporter to publicize the ruling party in the next elections for a prodigious amount of money. Surprisingly, most of the actors agreed to do so and some of them demanded more money than they were offered. Now, many people will ask ‘What’s wrong with it? Actors are meant to do acting. But it depicts a scripted image of a party that is false. Actors usually promote private brands and companies and people know that they are paid to do but when they show their support to a political party then people will be misled. Another thing is that 90% of the payment was black money and the mode of payment was cash. Lastly, I would say just be aware of what’s happening around you. This news was rarely telecasted at any news channel. To all the future parents, tell your kids that actors are just performers, real heroes are at the border.

Disclaimer: My Intention was not to target any specific person. I am truly respectful to all the people I mentioned directly or indirectly. I am very sorry if you got offended. PEACE!



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