How to Overcome Stage Fear.

Do you hesitate to be on stage? or do you just prefer to be in the audience ?. I have the solution for you.

Today I’ll talk about how you can conquer your stage anxiety. When I was relatively small, whenever I gave any sort of speech or presentation, I never looked at the people, I used to look at the wall behind them. I never had the mettle to face the crowd as it would make me nervous. I am sure many of you would face this problem and not only this many other types of difficulties. An incident can happen where someone in the audience is laughing and that stimuli might trigger your anxiety. So now the question comes of what the conquest of this fear is ?. The first thing we can do is meditate to have a pacific behavior. The second thing we should do is to close our eyes and take a deep breath and make ourselves calm. Before coming to the podium, release all your pressure.

You only have to focus on how I can give my every ounce to give a compelling presentation. You don’t have to worry about what would people think. It is the stress that makes things go wrong. Now if you can’t make yourself calm just imagine the worst-case scenario, would you die? No!, would someone beat you up! No!. Even if things don’t go your way, people forget everything after the event. So focus on the material and the content, that is what is important not what others think, I bet you won’t even stammer once. Practice again n again, stand in front of the mirror, face yourself and start. You would feel awkward in the beginning but as you do it multiple times, it would boost your confidence. You don’t have to fight your stage fright, you have to work with it.

We are here today to make you emphasize the need to get control over your speech. Honestly, I’ve never had many difficulties speaking on stage but what I have seen is that brilliant minds cannot express themselves, just because they are too frightened to face people. Not just on stage but, they are too afraid to approach anyone for various reasons making them lag behind. I bet you’ll be more confident about yourself, after all, we all are here to revamp our minds and enhance our skills, not to be concerned about what others think, but that does not mean we don’t listen to our well-wishers. Let’s be audacious, do what’s best for us, and you won’t regret it.



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Tushar Chaudhary

Hi There! Myself Tushar. A passionate writer and a student. I post articles every fortnight, hopefully.