“How will I introduce South Korea to my friends”

South Korean Flag

The Republic of Korea was formally established on 15 August 1948 and was one of the poorest nations in the world. Back in the 50s, South Korea had a per capita GDP of 94$ that is below the poverty line. The endeavoring of the Korean People transmuted the country from one of the poorest nations to one of the richest on this planet.

I’ll surely tell my friends about Koreans’ devotedness for building their nation into a major industrial hub and we shall learn from them too. My favorite snack ‘Lotte Choco Pie’ that I can eat all day long with my buddies is also from Korea. The most selling foreign car company in India is Hyundai and with the launch of KIA Cars in India, the automobile industry has added more exotic and high-performance cars to its list.

My friends would love to know that one of the best e-sports team ‘SK Telecom T1’ is also from Korea and when it comes to gaming and reliability, Samsung and LG are the most desirable companies we can choose.

My friends and I love to fly kites and they will be amazed to know that Kite flying is a traditional event of Korea and not only in technology but Korea is also recognized for its traditions and rituals. Jiju Fire Festival and Ultra Korea are some festivals where people around the world visit. I’ll tell my friends about the popular K-Pop Music, Dramas and Oscar-winning movies.

I’ll also introduce my pals with the breath-taking nature Of Korea. Beaches of Busan, Mountains of Seoraksan, Diamond Bridge, and many others just relaxes your mind and they will be dragging you every time until you visit.

India and Korea have a history of thousands of years and their friendship will last forever.

This was my essay for this year’s India-Korea Friendship Competition.

Just got a participation certificate!!




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