This Lockdown made me SICK!

A few months ago No one could have imagined how cruel 2020 would be…
Hi There! Its Tushar here, and today I will be sharing a student’s narrative amid lockdown.

After a couple of hours of Gaming, I decided to have a water break, as I was passing through the lobby and I got alarmed as I heard something about Lockdown. I rushed into the room and started watching while my dad was utterly surprised as I rarely watch any news. That could be an unexpected miracle for him. I considered these days as vacations for the struggle I had done till now which is sleeping at 2 hours after midnight and waking up before sunrise, so after this pleasant news I eagerly told my mother’
‘There is going to be a lockdown, now I’ll have enough time and no hustle for going to school as well’
And I got an expected answer
‘That’s Good, you will be having enough time for studying and cleaning your room’
I left the room quickly before things go wrong.
At that time, I was like a bouncing kid but as days passed my happiness had gone for a vacation as well. This happiness lasted roughly for about 2 weeks. After that, I started getting irritated and I felt as if I am a chained animal who is locked up in a cage and, that cage is my house.
One usual boring day my dad asked me.
‘Why don’t you watch some TV and get your mind refreshed’
I knew he meant NEWS instead of TV but,
I turned on the TV and started grossing through the News channels but a few minutes later I turned it off. I was quiet for a while and started thinking that my problems are as littering as my room, they don’t even stand in front of these. We had Corona between us but now Cyclones, Earthquakes, Protests, Economy Downfall, Border Tensions made me even more upset.
My dad figured out the situation and said’
‘I know it’s difficult to be home every time, but instead of being forlorn, utilize your time. The world is going through a disaster and we are responsible for that, give your time to nature, help others’
Those words changed my views and all my problems were solved. I started doing Chores, Watering plants, Gardening and many others just utilized my time and made me realize that problems are just a minor part of life we must overcome it, with that said,
Thank You, for bearing your precious time with me. Stay Secure! Stay Healthy!
I hope this short story helped if you have become a bit grouchy during these days and share with those you are affectionate about.❤❤❤



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Tushar Chaudhary

Tushar Chaudhary

Hi There! Myself Tushar. A passionate writer and a student. I post articles every fortnight, hopefully.